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Oral Medicine Mnemonics

Our newest topic to help you study oral medicine and actually remember it for the exam!

INBDE Oral Pathology Mnemonics

Are you preparing for the INBDE exam? We know that oral pathology is such an important topic, and we're here to help!

Head & Neck Anatomy Mnemonics

One *doesn't* have to be a genius to remember all the transmissions of skull foramina!

Tufts Pharmacology Mnemonics

LOVED by many dental & medical students, NBDE, NDEB AFK and other Boards candidates!

General Oral Pathology Mnemonics

Based on Neville Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology & Regezi Oral Pathology Clinical Correlations.

No more forgetting what Pindborg Tumor is 🙂

Oral Surgery Mnemonics

Periodontics Mnemonics

*Includes periodontal bacterial complexes!

Prosthodontics Mnemonics

Orthodontics Mnemonics

Having trouble remembering Steiner's Analysis numbers?
Check out these fun tricks!

Oral Radiology Mnemonics

Australian Dental Board Pharmacology Mnemonics

You ask for mnemonics, we deliver.

It’s such a fun way to review the boring pharmacology with these amazing videos. Short and direct!.” – Rokia

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