Rememberology Members' Testimonials/ Reviews:


“I thoroughly enjoyed while studying through rememberology.  You clearly saved tons of time of memorization. I will highly recommend INBDE aspirants to use this app.”


I am so happy to announce that I cleared my test (INBDE). It would not have been possible without your help. I know I asked so much from you but you never let me down. I will recommend your mnemonics to as many people as I can.”

 Archie McGill:

“There are days when I do not want to study hard or just take it easy on myself and it is on those days I find the notes (Rememberology) created by Dr. Hiba an excellent means to study.

She also manages to incorporate humour into her lessons which I find amusing.

I would recommend Rememberology not only to NBDE aspirants but also to students/ working dentists to reinforce what they already know.


It’s such a fun way to review the boring pharmacology with these amazing videos. Short and direct!.”

Harpreet Kaur:

“I accidentally came across the facebook page of rememberology and I am so glad I did. I am preparing for my August NDEB AFK and pharma was always the center of my worries.

I tried so hard to mug up all the names but I was always mixing up, but after I started studying pharmacology with mnemonics from Rememberology it all seem so much fun.

Now I look forward to study pharma and I am actually enjoying studying that. It’s all thanks to Dr. Hiba and her continuous efforts to make those wonderful videos. Thank you so much.”

Daniel Awuni:

“This course (NBDE Pharmacology Mnemonics) is so clear and proficient. I am really enjoying every bit of it. I believe it’s really adding up to my knowledge and increasing my desire to have a specialty in this field.

Paramat Sooraksa:

“I really love these mnemonics. They are very in-detail and help me remember high-yeild stuff for the Boards”


Best money I have spent. She has such a calming voice. After I take this exam I may just watch her videos to calm me down. THIS COURSE (NBDE Pharmacology Mnemonics) IS SO AMAZINGGG”


“I bought this course a month back as oral pathology was my weakest subject. But after I started reading from this mnemonics course I have actually started loving oral pathology as I enjoy it now.

Thanks alot Dr. Hiba for making all this sooo easy and fun for us all. Thank you so much”

Ahmed Rabea:


Revti Arora:

“This course (NBDE Pharmacology Mnemonics) has definitely packed a lot of information in a short time. Very enjoyable, good information and tools. Would recommend to others.

Thank you Dr. Hiba for the skill and effort you have put into this. You have made me love this subject.”

Rabeya Fatima:

“Easy and precise to relate with your knowledge taught in school. You don’t have to cram all the mechanisms. Amazing! Precise and easy to remember.

Rememberology is the..
"Secret Tool to Study Smart in Dental School"

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Winner of Course Karma's
"Top Course Provider for Oral Medicine and Pathology"
Runner-up for "Best Instructor for Oral Medicine and Pathology"

(Top Educator Awards 2023 – People’s Choice)

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Also, winner of Course Karma's
"Most Educational Facebook Group for Oral Medicine and Pathology"
Runner-up for "Most Educational Instagram Account for Oral Medicine and Pathology"

(Top Educator Awards 2023 – People’s Choice)

Previously: Winner of Course Karma's
"Most Educational Oral Pathology Facebook Group"

(Top Educator Awards 2021 – People’s Choice)

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