Prosthodontics Lab Tip 1: How to get an even occlusal plane.

Here’s a handy tip that will help you in your prosthodontics lab to get an even occlusal plane when setting teeth for a denture using a glass slab.

  1. Soften the wax that holds the tooth you just added (let be a little occlusal to the rest of the teeth),
  2. Gently but firmly press the denture flat against a glass slab.
  • If the tooth moves buccally/lingually instead of cervicaly, then it’s either that:
    1. The tooth is too long. Check and see: if the tooth is touching the denture base then you will have to shorten it gradually,
    2. or the wax wasn’t softened enough: if the tooth is not touching the denture base (it’s not too long), then the wax under the tooth is not soft enough to allow it to be pushed cervically. In this case, you need to soften the wax more.

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