Fun Tip for Alginate Impressions in Pedodontic Patients

My pedo patient had fun during his alginate impression!

Here’s how:

Before you start, show the child a ready cast and ask him if he would like to own a similar one for his teeth.

  • Then tell him that if he wants to get a perfect one, you will need him to help (be your assistant).
  • Because you will be busy holding the tray of play dough in his mouth, he will have to tell you when it hardens
  • ¬†Then give him some left-over alginate mix in a bowl and tell him to keep poking it until it hardens and becomes solid.
  • Tell him that you count on him!
  • When done, thank him for his help, tell him he’s been a great dental assistant!

Children love feeling responsible and capable of helping. And when they take part in the making, they’ll love the result.

Plus it will help distract them from the not-so-pleasant sensation of the alginate impression.

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